Adventures in Birmingham

Having lived here for closing in on four years now, I feel like I’ve gotten a pretty good handle on the food scene in town. I’ve found a favorite Chinese delivery place, a favorite sushi bar, a favorite barbecue joint, even a favorite sweet tea. (Chen Express, Ginza, Miss Myra’s, and Chris Z’s, respectively, for those of you keeping score.)

But there are whole swaths of this city and surroundings I know nothing about. And (thanks, FUNemployment!) I now have time to work on correcting that. Starting next week, I’m making it my goal to try a new restaurant in an unfamiliar neighborhood or suburb once a week.

And Birmingham folks, that means I need your help. What do I need to try in North Birmingham? Ensley? Tarrant, Fultondale, and points north? Fairfield and the rest of western Jefferson County? Other places I don’t even know about?

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  1. Jonathan may have some recommendations for you, especially in Tarrant—that’s where he grew up. There’s one amazing barbecue place he always talks about. Good luck!

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