Greek Cabbage Pie

We’ve been getting a lot of cabbage in the CSA this year, which if you’re a regular reader you can probably guess from my posts on cole slaw and sauerkraut.

Well, I found another great cabbage recipe, this one from The New York Times: Greek Cabbage Pie. It’s basically a cabbage frittata with lots of feta and dill baked inside layers of phyllo dough. Crusty, cheesy, and eggy, but it tastes light and is surprisingly good for you—plus cabbage  and its close botanical relatives fight all kinds of cancer.

According to the recipe, this is a winter dish in Greece, but it works in the summer too. It’s good hot right out of the oven, lukewarm after sitting for half an hour, and even cold the next day. (Though the phyllo gets a bit soggy—heat it at 350 for like 5–10 minutes to recrisp the crust but leave the egg cold in the middle.)

Phyllo’s great stuff, and it’s really easy to find at just about any supermarket. Layering it in the pan and brushing each layer with olive oil takes a little time, but it’s well worth it. I’d like to try my hand at making homemade phyllo—anybody ever done it?

Greek Cabbage Pie

Greek Cabbage Pie recipe from The New York Times